Igniting your Passion – Nail Art Workshop

French Nails welcomed a full class of eager-to-learn nail artists to our first nail art workshop since our rebranding. What a fun day we had! We covered a number of different basic nail art techniques using our Gelique Gel Polish and Rubber Base. Easy application and beautiful pigments make these two products a must have in salon. We are excited for our next event in March in which we will cover techniques such as marbling, foiling, stamping, animal print, flowers and leaves, glitter application and so much more. We welcomed questions from the nail artists and shared our life experiences together. All the fun of letting our creative juices flow made this day such a great success.

Bianca Van Eeden shared her experience and passion for the industry with us in an inspirational chat on how to find your mojo and retain your clients through proper client care. French Nails and Bianca alike share the desire to see the industry grow by teaching the importance of making your client feel special. This, in conjunction with continued education, charging your worth and keeping your passion alive allows your career to flourish.

Start today with joy in your heart and a positive mindset and you will sure reap the rewards.

Til next time

French Nails XOXO

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